Plasterboard Plug Socket Safe-Imitation Wall Socket Safe

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Plasterboard Plug Socket Safe-Imitation Wall Socket Safe

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  • Hidden socket safe, covert socket safe has Free delivery on this Plasterboard Plug Socket Safe-Imitation Wall Socket Safe.
  • Concealed Safe will help hide valuables, a safe that looks like a UK double socket.
  • Even the on/off switches appear to be real and move.
  • Best fitted into a plasterboard wall as long as you have the depth for the box and basic skill to fit to the plasterboard, all you should need is a sharp knife to cut the plasterboard, some people drill holes on each corner of the plasterboard then use a small padsaw to cut from hole to hole.
  • This is designed to fit walls with an air gap in a platerboard wall is normally 75mm, with plasterboard thickness of 9.5mm, 12.5mm or 15mm with 3mm or less of plaster.
  • Great for small valuables including cash, Jewellery, ipods, mobile phones and small digital cameras.
  • Outer box section made from metal, fronted by a realistic double switched socket. Ideal for home storage of small valuables.
  • Sizes (sizes may vary very slightly): Outer dimensions of metal box that fixes to the wall: 65mm high x 138mm wide.
  • Fake front socket size: 85mm high x 146mm wide x 14mm thick.
  • Powder coated steel rear casing that will fit most UK standard plasterboard walls that are 9.5mm, 12.5mm and 15mm (plus the 3mm plaster on top) please check this will fit where you want it to before ordering as we do not accept returns for size issues.
  • Keys: 2 small mortice type keys.
  • Packed well and checked before leaving here to assure perfect condition.
  • If you want to make the socket look even more convincing a modified real 13amp plug with a short cable can be fitted on to the front (obviously no power in this safe so it won't work!), you will have to cut the plug pins down so they fit in the socket not being used by the key and use a strong glue-like araldite to glue it in, then tuck the short cable under a nearby carpet or behind furniture for that extra effect.
  • NOTE: This is picked up from us the next day and can take approx three days to get to you after that, sometimes faster, but bear this in mind, if you need it faster contact us.
  • (Money and credit cards are for illustration purposes only).
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