Why Broken Door Locks Need To Be Taken Seriously

Home security holds the utmost priority when it comes to feeling secure in your own house. Everyone deserves peace of mind, either you are single, parent or living with a roommate, you want your home to be safe and sound with properly locking doors. Even when you are not at home, you want to keep your hard earned cash and possessions safe from burglars, thief and robbers. You want the front door to be reliably locked where no one can enter until you give permission. Every homeowner worries about home security and we LockMonster understand it quite well, which is why we offer the widest variety of the safest locks in the UK.
Yes, broken door locks are frustrating, they not only locked you out of your office or home but also increases the risk of robbery. Even when the lock is sluggishly working, a burglar can find a way to open the doors and enter the house, which of course, no one wishes for. Having a broken lock is a serious concern and must be taken care, immediately. For many homeowners, having a broken lock doesn’t hold much significance, whereas, it plays a major role in the security set-up, and needs to be properly maintained and cared for.
One must remember, the dangers of a broken lock or a non-functional lock aren’t restrained to just safekeeping, but various other potential dangers are associated with it. Bearing in mind, one doesn’t want a loose lock or broken lock to endanger the security of your home. Which is why the experts at LockMonster will help you understand the dangers of having a non-functional lock. https://www.lockmonster.co.uk/
Besides the most prominent one, there are various other situations where one needs to take a serious action to secure the safety of your house. Among them, the most common is a slow, sluggishly, sticking working lock. A sticking lock signals potential signs of hazards and vulnerabilities, making your house an easy target for burglars. Multiple reasons are responsible for making a lock slow, nonetheless, misalignment of latches and deadbolts is the most critical factor leading to it, while other factors include temperature changes. Commonly, it occurs when the door lock is manually installed by yourself, making the door problematic and knotty. Remember, even the plainest of the locks need to be properly installed, aligned and oiled regulary. Don’t be tricked with the door functioning as it is at the moment, it’s best to have a proper check up by a locksmith in the UK, or call LockMonster to be sure, after all your home security matters the most. Locksmiths are professionals who have special tools to make your lock work in no time, without damaging the component of the lock or even the door, plus they are experienced and can work at a fast pace.
Further, broken locks are the sign that someone has possibly attempted a break-in to your house, most probably a thief. It’s a signals that excessive force has been applied to enter the home, which in some cases can be carried by homeowners themselves. But don’t take it for granted, it’s a clear piece of evidence that your house has possibly been targeted by burglars.
Broken door locks can also lead to key damage, causing you troubles. When a key is used to open the door, it enters the lock, then the key gets damaged over time. It can make them unusable. Yes, it’s inconvenient but it also endangers your house and contents.
Always remember to call a locksmith or ask LockMonster, they will help you with advice to repair or replace a lock as fast as possible, restoring the security of your house, not only protecting the possessions in it but also your loved ones. https://www.lockmonster.co.uk/

What Door Lock Is The Most Secure ?

Not always an easy one to answer. Depends on the door, for a good timber door, I’d still go for a good Banham one like this https://lockmonster.co.uk/item/banham-rim-deadbolt-nightlatch-bs3621-top-quality-door-lockl2000 or if this is too expensive try a good deadlock, https://www.lockmonster.co.uk/item/ingersoll-london-line-mortice-hook-bolt-sc110 or an even cheaper version https://www.lockmonster.co.uk/item/era-euro-complete-key-and-turn-mortice-deadlock-bs3621 or a standard mortice deadlock with a lockguard around it https://www.lockmonster.co.uk/item/kickstop-standard-mortice-key-lockguard-4-bolts-9601

Euro Lock Cylinder Removal

Some people still have problems removing a Euro lock barrel. 

Try this: There should be a screw on the edge of the door, nearly inline with the middle of the euro lock, 

  1. Put the key in the lock (if you still have one, if not you might have to drill it out or snap it out).
  2. Remove the screw on the edge of the main door lock that is inline with the Euro cylinder, just under the latch. 
  3. Turn the key while apply pressure to the opposite end on the euro cylinder, as you do this you will feel the lock suddenly slide out of the hole because the metal cam inside has lined up with the hole. The key normally only needs to go approximately 1/4 of a turn clockwise or anti clockwise.
  4. Fit the new one, sometimes it helps to put a little bit of thread locker or a small dab of glue on the screw that holds it in place to stop it rattling loose over the years of opening and closing the door.