Paddock Lockmaster Latch 3 Deadbolts Multipoint(45/92)

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Paddock Lockmaster Latch 3 Deadbolts Multipoint(45/92)

Product code: LM545-LM545S-MM3DB35-MM3DB35S

  • One piece upvc multipoint door lock can be cut down if to long.
  • 1 Piece, latch, 3 deadbolts, including centre one.
  • Backset: 35 or 45mm-Backset: This is the distance from the front of lock faceplate to the centre of the keyhole.
  • P/Z: 92/62mm.
  • Faceplate flat 16mm.
  • The distance between outer deadbolts 1435mm.
  • Spindle: double or single 8mm-choose on drop down box on right.
  • For handles search our site for the DLMHANLL range.
  • For handles with the lever and moveable pad search our site for DLMHANLP.
  • Latch and deadbolt centre keeps, search for PAD90021-for the left hand one, PAD90022-for the right hand one.
  • For deadbolt keeps the search for 45590.
  • Unsprung handles should NOT be used with this lock.
  • Operation: Lift Lever or double spindle nightlatch.
  • This page is for four models, MM3DB35/S (35mm backset) and LM545/S (45mm backset)
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Paddock Lockmaster Latch 3 Deadbolts Multipoint(45/92)

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