Fullex 55mm Backset-Case Only (SL16)

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Fullex 55mm Backset-Case Only (SL16)

Product code: FULCC55/(L20710)

Operation - Locking outside:

  • Lift handle, hookbolts will engage in strikers
  • Handle returns to the horizontal position
  • A single turn of the key throws the central deadbolt
  • Pressure on the handle downwards meets resistance as hookbolts, deadbolt and latchbolt are blocked

Operation - Unlocking outside:

  • A single turn of key unlocks the central deadbolt
  • Press handle down to disengage hookbolt, deadbolt and latchbolt.
  • Handle returns to horizontal position
  • Note: Top shootbolt not supplied (special order)

Additional information:

  • Handle furniture to suit: lever/lever with 68mm centres and 8mm spindle.
  • For other sizes in this style see related products below.
  • This is the new style, check second picture for dimensions before ordering.
  • Backset: 55mm-Backset: This is the distance from the front of lock faceplate to the centre of the keyhole, we also have 35mm and 45mm backset ones, see model "Fulcase".
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