CHUBB 5 Lever Deadlock BS3621 (3G114E-E3G114 )

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CHUBB 5 Lever Deadlock BS3621 (3G114E-E3G114 )

Product code: E11467-E11479(3g114e)

  • Chubb locks are one of the most popular BS3621 approved deadlocks for front doors in the UK, a great secure popular 5 lever deadlock.
  • Now branded as Union, but it is the same as a Chubb lock.
  • Was called Chubb 3g114E.
  • Mechanism: 5 Lever BS3621 insurance approved.
  • Case Sizes: 67mm (with 40mm backset) or 80mm (with 53 backset).
  • Backset is measured from face of lock (faceplate) to centre of the keyhole.
  • Case Finish: Silver.
  • Forend Finish: Brass or Satin Chrome.
  • Keys Supplied: 3 if more required add extra keys from the drop-down box.
  • Key differs: 1,000 +.
  • BS3621:2007, Insurance approved - British Standard
  • (This product has now been rebranded  as the Union 3G114E, but is the same quality and has the same features, sometimes called E3G114/3G114E).
  • Extended box strike for additional strength.
  • Another version of this lock can be supplied with micro-switches for use with alarm systems.
  • Supplied c/w matching escutcheons.
  • 20mm bolt throw.
  • Deadbolt is locked or unlocked by key from either side.
  • Keyed alike (one key fits all), scroll down this page Product Accessories and add to basket also, you only get 3 keys for the total order, if you order 2 locks you only get 3 keys, so order more keys if you need more than 3 to ONE lock, add this one to basket, then click on product in basket and add the rest of the number of locks, in this example 1 more.
  • The Chubb name was bought out by Union & Yale. Union & Yale are now in charge of manufacturing Chubb 5 lever deadlocks, the most popular BS3621 Insurance approved one being the Chubb 3G114E (or Chubb E3G114). The Union version of the products have the shape and sizes, so are identical. They will fit like for like into a hole already cut out to suit a Chubb deadlock, Chubb Mortice lock or Chubb 5 Lever locks.
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